Arkrods Invoker Pro Casting Fishing Rod

Serie ARK Invoker Pro - Varilla de fundición


Precio regular$159.95

Longitud - Potencia

El Invoker Pro es la próxima generación de nuestras cañas de la serie Inovker más populares. Permaneciendo en 149.95 MSRP, el caballo de batalla se vuelve aún mejor. Proporciona una gran cantidad de características inigualables, como nuestra varilla sin lijar que está hecha de fibra de carbono 40T HM mejorada con nanotubo de carbono entre las capas de fibra de carbono y construida con nuestra tecnología de laminado de fibra de carbono de alta presión ARK. También viene con un asiento de carrete personalizado, guías de agarre de EVA de alta densidad, sistema de micro guías sin enredos con revestimiento negro con inserciones de circonio ultradelgado y una garantía limitada de 5 años.

Modelo Longitud Acción Energía Peso de línea Peso del señuelo Precio Solicitud
IVP610MRC 6'10" R METRO 8-14 1/8 – 5/8 $149.95 Jerkbait, Small Topwater, Small Crank
IVP70MHXC 7′ XF mh 10-17 1/4 – 1 $149.95 plantilla y gusano
IVP71HFC 7'1″ F H 12-20 3/8 – 1 1/4 $149.95 Plantilla y gusano, rana
IVP72MRC 7'2″ R METRO 8-17 1/8 – 5/8 $149.95 Crankbait, Topwater
IVP73MHFC 7'3″ F Mag MH 10-20 1/4 – 1 $149.95 Fundición de uso múltiple
IVP74MHRC 7'4″ R mh 10-20 1/4 – 1 $149.95 Crankbait, Topwater, Chatterbait, Spinnerbait
IVP76MHFC 7'6″ F mh 10-17 1/4 – 1 $149.95 Plantilla de natación, Plantilla en alta mar, C-Rig
IVP74HFC 7'4″ F Mag H Trenza 50-80 3/8 – 2 $149.95 Cubierta pesada especial (rana, jig, etc.)
IVP76HFC 7'6″ F H 12-25 3/8 – 1 1/2 $149.95 Voltear todo propósito
IVP76XHFC 7'6″ F XH Trenza 50-80 1/2 – 2 $149.95 Voltear y perforar
IVP79AR 7'9″ F H 12-25 1/2 – 2 $149.95 A-Rig especial
IVP79SB 7'9″ F XH Hasta 80 trenzas hasta tp 8oz $149.95 Especial de cebo de natación
IVP711HFC 7'11" F H 12-25 3/8 – 1 1/2 $149.95 Voltear y perforar
IVP711XHFC 7'11" F XH Trenza 50-80 1/2 – 2 $149.95 Voltear y perforar
IVP70M-G 7′ FM METRO 8-15 1/8 – 1 $149.95 Compuesto, manivela poco profunda
IVP70MH-G 7′ FM mh 8-20 1/8 – 1 1/2 $149.95 Compuesto, manivela poco profunda
IVP74M-G 7'4″ FM METRO 8-15 1/8 – 1 $149.95 Compuesto, Crank de profundidad media, sin labios, chatterbait
IVP74MH-G 7'4″ FM mh 8-20 1/8 – 1 1/2 $149.95 Compuesto, Crank de profundidad media, sin labios, chatterbait
IVP74H-G 7'4″ FM H 12-25 1/2 – 2 $149.95 Compuesto, Chatterbait
IVP711M-G 7'11" FM METRO 10-25 1/8 – 1 $149.95 Compuesto, Especial Deep Diver
IVP711DD 7'11" FM H 10-25 3/8 – 2 $149.95 Compuesto, Especial Deep Diver
IVP70MHXC-2 7′ (2 piezas) XF mh 10-20 1/4 – 1 $149.95 Fundición para todo uso (varillas de viaje)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Norwood Ligon
CONFIDENCE in the Invoker Pro

I started 3 years ago replacing my rods. After going through several major manufacture offerings I tried an Ark Invoker Pro. That offering gave me the confidence to now have purchased over 20 Casting and Spinning rods. Just the right blend of quality, sensitivity, along with features to be my choice for "Best Rod for the Money". I tournament fish on the weekends and I looked for the best I could find and the Ark Invoker Pro has lived up to that for me!!!

David Weller
7’4” H Composite

Best chatterbait rod on the market. Great tip with plenty of backbone.

Milton Cade
Perfect rod!

Definitely becoming my favorite versatile rod that I have. It’s an all around powerhouse and very sensitive

Caleb Payne
Invoker Pro series

Earlier this summer my buddy Ark prostaffer Brian Post urged me to check out the Invoker Pro series Rods. I had been using exprides for the past few years. After breaking one of the shimanos and not being able to replace it due to the covid back log I bought an Ark Invoker Pro. Best decision I've made when it comes to rods. The Invoker Pro series rod is light weight very responsive and sensitive and outfishes rods that are 100 dollars more expensive. It's really a work horse and very comfortable to throw all day long. I've since replaced all of my exorides with the Ark Fishing Invoker Pro series rods

Weight (lack there of)
Price point


Next time you're in the market for a new rod, check out the Invoker Pro series and thank me later!

7'2 Medium

This rod is super light and sensitive. Although I have only had it out on the water a few times, it has good feel and doesn't weigh much at all. I have thrown a walking bait, a popper, and a crank bait as well and this rod handles all three of those extremely well. Really considering getting another Invoker Pro for jigs/swivel heads with the sensitivity.

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