Varilla de fundición ARK Lancer serie PRO

Varilla de fundición ARK Lancer serie PRO


Precio de venta$99.95

Longitud - Potencia
    • · Asiento de carrete de grafito expuesto en blanco
    • Empuñadura de EVA de alta densidad personalizada de Ark Rods
  • ·Sistema de microguías de acero inoxidable revestido de negro con anillo de óxido de aluminio y punta superior de circonio
Modelo Longitud Acción Energía Peso de línea Peso del señuelo Precio
LCP610MRC 6'10" FM METRO 8-14- 1/8-5/8 $99.95
LCP70MHFC 7′ F mh 10-17 1/4-1 $99.95
LCP73MHFC 7'3" F mh 10-20 1/4-1 $99.95
LCP76MHFC 7'6" F mh 10-17 1/4-1 $99.95
LCP76HFC 7'6" F H 12-25 3/8-1 1/2 $99.95
LCP72HFC 7'3" F H 50-80 3/8-2 $99.95
LCP72MHRC 7'3" FM mh 10-20 1/4-1 $99.95
LCP79XHFC 7'9" F XH 50-80 1/4-1 $99.95

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Chris Beasley
Great rods!!

Will definitely buy again. Price point, quality components, etc

Paul A
7’9” Lancer pro heavy

For the money best rod on the market IMO. Would’ve gave 5 stars but the Top eye guide was bent upon arrival like it got pushed down. I replaced eye myself in 2 minutes . Probably could’ve did a return but that would be more of a headache than just fixing. I own 10 or so lancer pros several vipers and 2 B hitty rods for chatterbaits. Won’t find better rods for the money

Al Nevarez
Great Rod for the Price

I’ve been using Invoker rods for several years now and love them. I just wanted to try one of your different rods and the price was right. I bought one casting and one spinning and the casting rod is great. I haven’t used the spinning rod yet. The casting is light and sensitive and so far no complaints and I don’t anticipate any in the future. Thanks guys!

Jason Gager

I can not believe how light this rod is. Still waiting on my reel to arrive, but will resubmit a new review then. But I think I'm going g to be extremely happy with this purchase. Thanks guys.

Roger Upchurch
Ark lancer pro

Awesome rod

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