Gravity series casting reel

Gravity Control System

The patented, adaptive magnetic breaking system was developed for casting great distances and an effortless casting experience. A total of 60 settings (20 on each of the 3 dial positions) gives an angler the ability to fine tune the reel for the ultimate in adjustability. This covers everything from ultra finesse to heavy flipping and pitching presentations.

Floating Cast Shaft

The Floating Cast Shaft is fully dis-engaged from the gear side during casting. This reduces vibration, adds casting stability, and greatly increases casting distance. 

Feather Light Spool

This spool is made from aviation-grade duralumin. It utilizes the latest in cutting edge technology with improvements in structural design materials. This brings an amazing strength to weight ratio for the ultimate in spool design. 

Cone Shaped Line Guide

The tapered line guide ring effectively reduces frictional resistance on the line therefore greatly improving casting distance. 

Reinforced Brass Gears

The gear system is custom-made from a hard copper alloy material with excellent mechanical properties. The gears feature multi-pass forging and precision machining which greatly improves gear strength and durability. The main gear size was also increased for unrivaled performance.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

The all-metal main body, sturdy main structure design, and precision die-casting technology improves strength and reduces weight. It also provides the best possible structural conditions for the additional components.

Hyper Smooth Transmission

The main gears are precision forged to bring you smoothest reel available today. We reduced weight and vibration by as much as 50%. 

Carbon Fiber Side Plate

50% lighter than our aluminum alloy competition, this carbon fiber side plate is extremely strong and ultra lightweight. 

C 3 Force Drag

(Carbon, Compact, Competition) Developed to be smooth and strong utilizing new brake washer materials  and brake grease, this drag system adapts to different environments with ease. It provides the smoothest breaking curve available under a variety of conditions and settings.