Reel warranty

We will repair or replace without any additional charges. Any ARK reel to be determined defective due to workmanship or materials for a time period of one year from the original purchase date by consumer. The warranty is only to the original owner and a copy of the dated receipt must be presented. After we receive the reel, the reel will be inspected to locate the issue. If it is determined to be a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the reel and send it back to you at no charge. This warranty does not cover abuse, improper use, dirt, rust or normal scratching or wear marks. Please do not remove or disassemble any parts of the reel, if reel has been disassembled your warranty will be voided. To protect against loss or damage in transit, your reel should be carefully packaged and adequately insured. Please retain all shipping receipts and tracking information.