Reinforcer Series Casting Rod
Reinforcer Series Casting Rod
Reinforcer Series Casting Rod
Reinforcer Series Casting Rod
Ark Reinforcer Series Casting Rod
Reinforcer Series Casting Rod
Reinforcer Series Casting Rod

Reinforcer Series Casting Rod


Regular price$349.95


The Reinforcer Series is the new flagship of ARK Rods. The top of line un-sanded rod blank is made of 46T HM carbon-fiber enhanced with carbon nano tube in between the carbon-fiber layers and constructed by our ARK high pressure carbon-fiber rolling technology. Not only you can see our logo through the whole blank but also it makes the rod incredible light, stronger and sensitive. It also come with Fuji PTS/TVS reel seat with soft touch layer, Titanium guides, portugal AAAA grade cork handle and lifetime warranty.

Model Length Action Power Line wt Lure wt Price
RFC68MRC 6'8" MF M 8-14 1/8 – 5/8 $349.95
RFC610MHFC 6'10" F MH 10-17 1/4 – 1 $349.95
RFC71MXC 7'1" XF M 8-14 1/16 – 1/2 $349.95
RFC71MHXC 7'1" XF MH 8-17 1/8 – 1 $349.95
RFC71HFC 7'1" F H 12-20 3/8 – 1 1/4 $349.95
RFC72MHRC 7'2" MF MH 10-20 1/4 – 1 $349.95
RFC73MHFC 7'3" F MH 10-20 1/4 – 1 $349.95
RFC74HFC 7'4" F H 12-20 3/8 – 1 1/2 $349.95
RFC76MHFC 7'6" F MH 10-17 1/4 – 1 $349.95
RFC76HXC 7'6" XF H 12-25 3/8 – 1 1/2 $349.95

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Richard S
Good rod

My prefer rating for Ark reinforcement rod, I came from a long line usage of Gloomis IMX, GLX, NRX and Conquest rod. The ARK rod has a bit of all these feel.
-Style: much like Conquest
-Feel: well balance, but cork seems a bit cheezy especially the made in China marking on it. Reel seat trigger is okay
-Power of hook set: isn't too bad, GLX frel of hook set
-Sensitivity: IMX, not compared to the higher rod. I can't really feel the connect of my jigs I casted at the same location using my Gloomis rod also and the GLX, NRX and Conquest beats it by a mile of sensitivity.
- Overall: 4/5 great rod, but if you're sensitivity type of person who wants to feel every contact on the bottom this may not be the rod

Timothy Jackson
Reinforcer Rod

Been fishing another rod company since 2010 just order 2 Ark Reinforcer rods over Thanksgiving and I must say I am very impressed.

The craftsmanship is top shelf and the lightness and action is to me the best I’ve fished period.

I will be switching all my rods out to the Reinforcer series. Very satisfied and you will be too!

Victor Tórtola García

De las mejores cañas en cuanto a sensibilidad y ligereza q probé nunca

Outstanding Rods

Replaced my Shimano Exprides with the reinforcer rods, 9 on the boat. Incredible casting and power.
Extremely comfortable in the hand. All Daiwa Steez and Zillion reels. 100%!

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