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      La serie ARK Tharp se compone de 12 cañas (2 giratorias, 3 compuestas y 7 modelos de fundición). Cada uno fue construido según mis especificaciones exactas para pescar técnicas específicas que utilizo para hacer mi trabajo al más alto nivel en la serie Bassmaster Elite.

      Este proyecto fue mucho más que probar algunos espacios en blanco nuevos y ponerles mi nombre. Aproveché esta oportunidad para usar mi conocimiento, trabajando con una compañía increíble y lo mejor en el negocio en el extranjero para construir una línea de cañas innovadora y asequible. Utilizamos nuevos materiales y componentes que estoy seguro me darán una ventaja competitiva en el camino del torneo. Volé al otro lado del mundo para asegurarme de que cada modelo fuera perfecto para la tarea para la que lo diseñé y ¡no podría estar más feliz con los resultados!

      Differences Between the New Generation Tharp Series Rod and the Previous
      Tharp Series | NTS74M-G – Twitch “This is the shortest and lightest casting rod in my series and was specifically built for fishing a jerk bait. It also excels target fishing with a topwater bait in tight quarters. Its moderate action makes fishing these lures easy and then once a big fish is hooked- they stay hooked!” – Randall Tharp
      Tharp Series | NTS7M-G – Paycheck The Paycheck is a short, composite rod I designed for fishing light line and any small treble hook lure. It’s 7’ length makes target fishing a breeze and the light action allows any crankbait to bounce through thick cover without hanging up. I count on this one everyday to not only get the bite but to also put them in the boat. It's truly the next level in composite rod design. Lighter, softer, and more sensitive – Randall Tharp
      NTS74HFC – Superduty This is my favorite rod in the Tharp line because when this rod is in hand, it means I am fishing heavy cover and targeting big bass. This rod is extremely powerful and suited for a variety of big bass techniques. It performs flawlessly with braid or heavy fluorocarbon. I love the soft tip which allows accurate and lengthy casts which is unique for such a powerful stick. If you need a rod to drive that hook home at the end of a long cast and extract a giant out of the slop then SuperDuty is the rod for you! – Randall Tharp
      Tharp Series | NTS74M-G – Twitch The Scarface is a medium-length composite rod I designed for light line and mid-depth, treble hooked lures. Its light action is perfectly suited for crankbaits and enables your favorite to deflect through thick cover without hanging up. The 7’4” length allows for long and accurate casts needed to get the bait down where the big ones live. It’s truly the next level in composite rod design. Lighter, softer, and more sensitive– Randall Tharp