🆕Gravity BFS
🆕Gravity BFS
🆕Gravity BFS
🆕Gravity BFS

🆕Gravity BFS

Gravity BFS

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Hand Retrieve
Gear Ratio

With the casting ability of the weight as low as 0.6gram(1/50oz), The new BFS version of the Gravity reel is going to be the best BFS reel in the market. The reel employed a 28mm dia. spool which weighs only 5.2gram(without bearing). Total weight is only 5.1oz. It features: Gravity Control Brake System (Patented), Super Smooth Aluminum Gear, Cone Shaped Line Guide, Hyper Smooth Transmission, Ultra Light Spool, Carbonfiber Frame and sideplates, Floating Cast Spool, C3 Force Drag,Drag Clicker

Model Number Hand Retrieve Line Cap Handle Length Knob Gear Ratio Weight IPT MaxDrag Bearings(SS) Price
Gravity BFL RIGHT 6lb/55yds 100mm TPE 8.1 5.1oz 28
11lb 12 $149.99   
Gravity BFL-L LEFT 6lb/55yds 100mm TPE 8.1 5.1oz 28
11lb 12 $149.99   


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Kye C
The golden standard for bait finesse, with one flaw.

I have had my Gravity BFS for about a month now, and I have put it through rigorous testing across the board, I've use it for everything from ultralight (1.5g jigs for panfish and trout), to power BFS for bass with lures up to 5/16oz and it performs exquisitely under every condition, the only flaw I will give to the reel, is it occasionally gets noisy when reeling and casting, this has been pointed out by many BFS reviewers, and I assume is a known issue to the company, if noise bothers you, it could be an issue for you, but it's infrequent and not noisy enough to turn me off from calling this the best function per dollar BFS reel on the market

Richard Bush
Sweet reel that casts 1/16 oz lures accurately.

Have tried with different sizes of braid and 10lb braid, 6 lb fluoro works well.

Heavier braid/fluoro works well too. Casts better from side than vertically.

Have at setting #2 and medium light tension.

Gerald Howell
Gravity BFS

Awesome BFS reel for the money.

William Hartwell
This reel is amazing!

It’s actually insane how well it casts with how little weight. I also fly fish, so for the fun of it I put a fly on there, a little bit heavier fly I’ll be it, but to my surprise it still casted no problem. Its incredible, especially for the price.

Jack Hazelwood
Game changer!

Best BFS reel ever! And pair that with a Tharp series 2024 Twitch rod, and you have a bass grabber and a half! Before I got them, I would have laughed at someone if I could toss a 1/10 oz ned head as far as my jig rod. It's smooth and accurate and powerful for being so lightweight! It's a great setup to for people starting out with BFS fishing too, very user friendly. I'm definitely definitely definitely buying more Ark products! I'm definitely using it on my next tournament for the MLF Phoenix BFL Okie Division.

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