ARK Viper Classic Series - Caña giratoria
ARK Viper Classic Series - Caña giratoria
ARK Viper Classic Series - Caña giratoria
ARK Viper Classic Series - Caña giratoria
ARK Viper Classic Series - Caña giratoria
ARK Viper Classic Series - Caña giratoria
ARK Viper Classic Series - Caña giratoria
ARK Viper Classic Series - Caña giratoria
ARK Viper Classic Series - Caña giratoria

ARK Viper Classic Series - Caña giratoria


Precio regular$249.95

Longitud - Potencia


- Blank de fibra de carbono 40T HM con nanotubo
- Blank sin lijar con tecnología ARK HPCR
-Logotipo a lo largo de todo el espacio en blanco
-Guías de alconita concepto Fuji K
-Mango de corcho completo AAA
-Asiento de carrete personalizado de nuevo diseño
-Garantía de por vida
-Funda de caña de edición limitada
-Tarjeta VIP numerada única

Las cañas de fundición de edición limitada ARK Invoker ofrecen todo el rendimiento de la serie Invoker original, pero en una gama selecta de longitudes, conicidades y cantidades. Construidas con espacios en blanco de fibra de carbono 40T HM sin lijar, las varillas de fundición de edición limitada ARK Invoker cuentan con refuerzos de nanotubos en cada capa de fibra de carbono, y están construidas con la tecnología HPCR (rodillo de fibra de carbono de alta presión) de ARK para ofrecer un ligero, pero increíblemente resistente. diseño.

Modelo Longitud Acción Energía Peso de línea Peso del señuelo Precio
IVL66 MLRC 6'6" R ML 6-12 1/16-1/2 $249.95
IVL68 MXC 6'8'' XF METRO 8-14 1/16-1/2 $249.95
IVL70 MHXC 7'0'' XF mh 10-17 1/4-1 $249.95
IVL72 MHFC 7'2'' F mh 10-17 1/4-1 $249.95
IVL73 MMFC 7'3'' F Mag MH 10-20 1/4-1 $249.95
IVL74 MHRC 7'4'' R mh 10-20 1/4-1 $249.95
IVL76 HFC 7'6'' F H 12-25 3/8-1 1/2 $249.95
IVL70MH-G 7'0'' FM mh 8-20 1/8-1 1/2 $249.95
IVL74MH-G 7'4'' FM mh 8-20 1/8-1 1/2 $249.95

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Awesome customer service and absolutely love the rod … First time Ark Rod buyer and will definitely purchase more

Nathan Stone
Stupidly sensitive rod

7'2" medium heavy-fast

Rod is so sensitive I'm haven't to relearn what a bite feels like. If you're using a chatterbait you feel the vibration through the butt of the rod as well as the vibrations being transfered through the reel and into your opposite hand. The power isn't too heavy to where you can only throw weighted, you can throw weightless yum dingers a good distance no problem. I cannot attest for the longevity of the rod but it does feel solid and it should last a good long time.

Best of the Best!

7'6 is an amazing flipping stick,I used a 7'3 for the weight difference,this rod is unbelievably light and strong. The 7'3 mag medium heavies are incredibly strong especially in florida grass ! Very versatile as well,amazing big worm and jig rod . The 7'4 medium heavies are perfect for swim jigs,chatter baits and smaller worms ! I own over 25 Ark rods of all varieties and this Limited Invoker series is by far some of the best made light weight,versatile rods I have found !!!!! If you are looking for a high end rod at a medium budget price you can't go wrong . Did I mention full cork grips . Amazing

Invoker Limited Edition

I originally bought one of these rods in 7'6 for Carolina rig fishing. I have since purchased two 7' MHXF and a 7'4 MH. I absolutely enjoy fishing with these rods. They are sensitive, lightweight, and have an excellent grip design. I have been fishing for 30+ years and these are my favorite rods to date.

Douglas Duff
Hard to beat

Lake Okeechobee is my home lake and I fish several tournament trails. I’ve exclusively used G-Loomis rods since the mid 80’s and use to build my own rods back when I was able to get their blanks. The cost of rods has skyrocketed without the advancement of workmanship and materials. Every now and again throughout the years, I would sample different rods from top manufacturers, but nothing compared even close to Loomis, except St. Croix.
Gradually, I have been moving away from Loomis due to their ridiculous price. The ARK line of rods have now become my replacements. I’ve used the Invoker pro and essence series. These rods are strong, built with quality components and hold up to abuse from tournament fishing. ARK rods are very sensitive and more than capable of pulling studs out of the Lake Okeechobee grass/mats. The quality of rod you get from ARK far exceeds its price and No longer am I paying for a rod whose price point exceeds its quality.

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